National Geographic and Host Sal Masekela Explore Cannabis Security with Iron Protection Group

As more states enact cannabis legalization and allow sales of medical and adult-use marijuana, the myriad laws around cannabis businesses, particularly federal banking restrictions and concerns about facility security, are keeping media attention on this cash-heavy industry.  

The staff at cannabis security provider Iron Protection Group recently took another turn in the spotlight as a National Geographic camera crew documented the day-to-day of transporting cash and keeping dispensaries protected. IPG has previously been featured in The New York Times, Daily VICE, Weediquette on Viceland and Al Jazeera, among others.

The shoot was for an upcoming special series of episodes on the cannabis industry, as part of NatGeo’s Explorer feature. The series, whose premiere is TBA, is expected to have 28 episodes in total, diving deep on various cannabis topics and people within the industry.

The legendary Selema “Sal” Masekela, host of this Explorer episode, embedded with the IPG team for two days in May 2018. Mr. Masekela is a journalist, musician and producer best known for his work presenting ESPN’s Summer and Winter X Games for nearly 20 years. 

IPG’s Managing Director Hunter Garth wasn’t sure what to expect from a National Geographic shoot, but he said the whole experience was very positive. “Sal is a legend, and he and his crew were so easy to work with. They made everything really simple and let us be organic.” 

On Day 1, the staff took Mr. Masekela around Colorado to tour the nation’s longest-running legalized adult-use cannabis industry, and the important role IPG plays in it, providing on-site security for dispensaries, transporting cash and providing consulting and training services. They were also interested in our unique model of hiring military veterans.

On Day 2, the crew followed Hunter for a “day in his life.” Mr. Masekela drove around with Hunter as he went on a cash transportation run, met with clients and directed a weapons training session, along with discussing IPG operations in a staff meeting, which are open to all IPG employees to help the former veterans on staff learn about business operations so they can advance their own careers.

Mr. Masekela also went out on a training exercise with security employees. As part of that segment, Hunter gave Mr. Masekela his first lesson in how to shoot a gun.

“I felt good about it,” says Hunter, “because I was able to introduce him to using a weapon in a responsible way.”

We’ll update this page and our social media when we know the exact dates the segment will air on National Geographic, so you can watch us doing what we do best: providing the best cannabis security in the industry.


Sales Manager

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There is no denying that Blaine loves the State of Colorado. He once left however his heart lead him back and he is now living in the state for good. And, we are so happy he did, as he is a great asset to Iron Protection Group as our Sales Executive.

Blaine’s professional experiences has been primarily based in technology sales, dealing with both public and private sectors. Since returning to Colorado, Blaine used his experience to be an avid advocate of the cannabis industry and has great respect for the hard working professionals that are raising the bar in the industry. Currently, Blaine’s focused on creating and leveraging successful relationships to drive growth and provide a positive experience for IPG’s clients.

When Blaine is not networking and taking care of IPG’s clients, you will find him enjoying his friends and family, skiing, practicing yoga and hanging out in Colorado’s beautiful backcountry. Also, don’t be surprised if you happen to see Blaine in Downtown Denver on any given Saturday morning leading Walking History Tours.

Tim Troxwell

Division Operations Manager | California

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Tim joined the Marine Corps in 2008. He served as a Military Police Officer in garrison at Marine Corps Base Quantico and Camp Lejeune. While serving, Tim filled the billets of gate sentry, patrolman, tactics instructor and accident investigator. After departing the Marine Corps in 2013, he attended the Columbus Division of Police Recruit Training Program in Columbus, OH and served as a police officer with the Dublin, Ohio Division of Police. After exiting the public sector he took a district asset protection position with The Home Depot until coming aboard Iron Protection Group in 2017. 

Glenn Hardy

Director | California

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Glenn joined the United States Navy in 2004 and served as a Master-At-Arms on Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado. During his enlistment, he was tasked as an armed sentry, command investigator, prisoner transport, and force protection leader. After being honorably discharged from the Navy in 2008, Glenn entered the private security sector. He sought to build a well-rounded knowledge base in the industry and worked in many facets to include but not limited to; Personal Protection Officer for Ross Perot (PSC Security), Head of Security for a retail branch of Tiffany & Company, and regional Physical Security Program Manager for Centene Corporation. Glenn created and implemented security policies for multiple Fortune 500 companies and found an incredible opportunity with IPG. Glenn joined the organization in 2018 as the Director of Security Operations for California and executes the IPG mission and commitment to clients by marrying customer service and tailored security solutions in an unprecedented way

Shannon Hansen

Director of Strategy

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Shannon has extensive experience in the apparel retail industry, serving in various upper leadership roles during her 25 years in a corporate specialty retail environment.

During that time, she was responsible for managing operational and HR processes in multi-unit retail settings, creating business strategies to increase market share, drive profitability and increase customer satisfaction. She has participated in several accelerated leadership programs and has served on multiple filed advisory committees where she was able to leverage her analytical expertise to develop business solutions.  Her passion and focus for developing high performing teams and cultivating a customer-centric environment contributed to her many career achievements. She was nationally recognized for her commitment to brand excellence, customer engagement and producing top line results.  

Shannon has managed more than 2500 employees and upwards of $45M in revenue during her tenure in the fast paced, customer service, retail industry.

Caleb Patton

Managing Director

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Caleb joined the United States Marine Corp in 2007 and served overseas four times, which included combat tours to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Soon after School of Infantry Caleb had his boots on ground, patrolling the streets of Ramadi, Iraq. Here, he quickly found out what it took to be a leader of Marines and ran with the responsibility and pride it gave him to bring everyone home safe on each patrol and operation. Caleb led Marines on countless patrols through the streets of Iraq to the poppy fields of Afghanistan and not until a training operation in the States did Caleb meet with tragedy. In 2014 while still in Wounded Warrior Battalion, after long talks with brothers in arms that had exited from the Marines, Iron Protection Group was born. In 2015 Caleb moved to Denver to fully immerse himself into the company. As Iron Protection Group expands into California, Caleb has taken the role of Director of IPG Colorado and continues to drive the leading cannabis security provider in the industry.