Business Security and Your Bottom Line: An Insider’s View on Low-Cost Options

“Fiscal responsibility” is a mantra that most profitable companies live by. Every business leader worth their salt must periodically take a hard look at their company’s bottom line and determine where expenses can be minimized and additional value generated. One of the more challenging aspects of such internal reviews pertains to evaluating non-revenue generating vendor […]

When We Hire Veterans for Cannabis Security, It’s Not About Job Security. It’s About Moving Up or Moving On.

At Iron Protection Group, We Help Veterans Advance Their Careers The job market for veterans can be tough. But at Iron Protection Group, a security and protection service for the cannabis industry, we have made hiring veterans a cornerstone of our corporate culture and our business model. As veterans ourselves, we understand what it’s like […]

Veterans Back On Patrol

READ: Iron Protection Group featured in The New York Times: Veterans Back on Patrol, This Time to Protect Marijuana WATCH: Marijuana is legal in Colorado, but federal law makes banking nearly impossible for the cannabis industry. The result is a dangerous, all-cash operation that requires armed guards and layers of security.

Meet the Military Vets Guarding Colorado’s Pot

We spent the day patrolling a grow house with Caleb Patton’s security team on this episode of ‘Daily VICE.’ On this episode of Daily VICE, we spend a day with Caleb Patton, a former Marine living with PTSD who started a security business that protects the weed and cash that has poured into Colorado since recreational marijuana use […]

The ABCs of Cannabis Security

I joined the U.S. Army after 9/11, when I was 20 years old. I then went through the 18X program, which took two years of training to complete, and became a Green Beret. During my eight and one-half years within the special operations community, I served four tours in Iraq, one to Africa, and one […]

IPG on Viceland

Who watched last nights Weediquette on Viceland? Iron Protection Group CEO, Hunter Garth, as well as Dixie Elixirs both had segments. See a replay below on your cable account, or view it next week on Youtube.